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Maritori Herttoniemi

Food Camp Finland
– food with love & passion

Maritori is a cosy restaurant situated in Herttoniemi Helsinki, within the Marimekko house. Maritori offers a delicious and versatile lunch for Marimekko staff and and every foodie visiting the Marimekko outlet from Monday to Friday. Our kitchen staff is dedicated to prepare a lunch with love and passion and a huge amount of respect towards the fresh ingredients of the season. Smaller sweet and savory snacks are also available to be enjoyed together with a cup of coffee or tea. Maritori is run by Food Camp Finland.

The colors and patterns of Marimekko give a unique spice for the restaurant.  The Marimekko house also has two stores, which gives visitors a great opportunity to shop & eat.


Maritori is open Monday – Friday at 10.30am – 2pm; lunch is also served at 10.30am – 2pm.


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